Overdose VictimBirthdayDeathdayBlog Post
"Rebel" Actor Nick Adams Found Dead in Coldwater Canyon Home 1968 Accident, Suicide, Murder?07/10/193102/07/1968Blog Post
Actress Pier Angeli's Accidental Overdose 197106/19/193209/10/1971Blog Post
Comedian John Belushi Found Dead at Chateau Marmont 198201/24/194903/05/1982Blog Post
Comedian Lenny Bruce Overdose 1966 Eden Cemetery10/13/192508/03/1966Blog Post
"The Doors" Jim Morrison Wife Pam Courson Overdoses on L.A. Couch 197412/22/194604/25/1974Blog Post
"The Doors" Jim Morrison Wife Pam Courson's Fairhaven Cemetery Niche12/22/194604/25/1974Blog Post
Actress Dorothy Dandridge Accidental Overdose 1965 Forest Lawn Glendale11/09/192209/08/1965Blog Post
Entertainer Judy Garland Dies in London 196906/10/192206/22/1969Blog Post
"The Lost Boys" Actor Corey Haim Dies in Burbank 201012/23/197103/10/2010Blog Post
Bounty Hunter Domino Harvey's West Hollywood Overdose 200508/07/196906/27/2005Blog Post
Entertainer Whitney Houston Found Unconscious at the Beverly Hilton Hotel 201208/09/196302/11/2012Blog Post
"Lost Boundaries" Actor Richard H. Hylton Overdose 1962 Accident or Suicide?12/11/192005/12/1962Blog Post
Musician Janis Joplin Hotel Overdose 197001/19/194310/04/1970Blog Post
L.A. Evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson's Accidental Overdose 194410/09/189009/27/1944Blog Post
Actress Marilyn Monroe Overdose 1962 Accident, Suicide, Murder?06/01/192608/05/1962Blog Post
Actor River Phoenix Collapses on Viper Room Sidewalk 199308/23/197010/31/1993Blog Post
"Bully" Actor Brad Renfro's Accidental Overdose in L.A. 200807/25/198201/15/2008Blog Post
"Guns of Navarone" Actress Gia Scala Overdose 197203/03/193404/30/1972Blog Post
"Farmer's Daughter" Actress Inger Stevens Overdose 1970 Accident or Suicide?10/18/193404/30/1970Blog Post