Natural Causes

Natural Causes
DeceasedBirthdayDeathdayBlog Post
Manson Family Murderer Susan Denise Atkins Dies in Prison 200905/07/194809/24/2009Blog Post
Comedian, Actress, TV Executive Lucille Ball Dies at Cedars 198908/06/191104/26/1989Blog Post
Jazz Drummer Louie Bellson Dies at Cedars-Sinai 200907/06/192402/14/2009Blog Post
"Homicide: Life on the Street" Screenwriter Henry Bromell Dies at UCLA-SM Hospital 201309/19/194703/18/2013Blog Post
"Your Show of Shows" Comic Actor Sid Caesar Dies at Beverly Hills Home 201409/08/192202/12/2014Blog Post
TV Host Johnny Carson Dies at Cedars-Sinai 200510/23/192501/23/2005Blog Post
Adult Actress Marilyn Chambers Found Dead in Santa Clarita Trailer 200904/22/195204/12/2009Blog Post
"Cheers" Actor Nicholas Colasanto Dies in Studio City Home 198501/19/192402/12/1985Blog Post
"I Spy" Actor Robert Culp Found Unconscious Near Runyon Canyon 201008/16/193003/24/2010Blog Post
Wyatt Earp's Wife Josie Marcus Dies in L.A. 194400/00/186112/19/1944Blog Post
Wyatt Earp Dies in L.A. 1929 Arlington Heights Neighborhood03/19/184801/13/1929Blog Post
"Ask the Dust" Author & Screenwriter John Fante Dies in L.A. 198304/08/190905/08/1983Blog Post
"My Sharona" Musician Doug Fieger Dies at Woodland Hills Home 201008/20/195202/14/2010Blog Post
Author F. Scott Fiztgerald Drops Dead in West Hollywood Apartment 194009/24/189612/21/1940Blog Post
Musician Erroll Garner Dies En Route to Hospital 197706/15/192301/02/1977Blog Post
"All in the Family" Actress Betty Garrett Dies at UCLA 201105/23/191902/12/2011Blog Post
Hollywood "Mayor" Johnny Grant Dies at Roosevelt Hotel 200805/09/192301/09/2008Blog Post
"The Three Stooges" Comedian Ted Healy 1937 Manslaughter?10/01/189612/21/1937Blog Post
Filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock Dies in Bel Air Home 198008/13/189904/29/1980Blog Post
Porn Actor John Holmes Dies at West Los Angeles Veterans Hospital 198808/08/194403/13/1988Blog Post
Actor Dennis Hopper Dies in Venice 201005/17/193605/29/2010Blog Post
"California Gold" Host Huell Howser Dies in Palm Springs 201310/18/194501/07/2013Blog Post
Silent Director Thomas Ince Murder Mystery 1924 Natural Causes, Accident, Murder?11/16/188011/19/1924Blog Post
"The Court Jester" Actor Danny Kaye Dies at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center 198701/18/191103/03/1987Blog Post
"The Producers" Actor Kenneth Mars Dies at Granada Hills Home 201104/04/193512/12/2011Blog Post
Author Henry Miller Dies in Pacific Palisades 198012/26/189106/07/1980Blog Post
"Eraserhead" Actor Jack Nance Beaten to Death (?) in South Pasadena 199612/21/194312/30/1996Blog Post
Author Anais Nin Dies in L.A. 197702/21/190301/14/1977Blog Post
"The Beautiful and Damned" Actress Marie Prevost Found Dead in Hollywood Apartment 193711/08/189801/21/1937Blog Post
"Poltergeist" Actress Zelda Rubinstein Dies at Barlow Respiratory Hospital 201005/28/193301/27/2010Blog Post
"Dead Reckoning" Actress Lizabeth Scott Dies at Cedars-Sinai 201509/29/192201/31/2015Blog Post
Actress Jean Simmons Dies in Santa Monica Home 201001/31/192901/22/2010Blog Post
Striptease Artist Lili St. Cyr Dies in Hollywood Apartment 199906/03/191801/29/1999Blog Post
"Double Indemnity" Actress Barbara Stanwyck Dies in Santa Monica 199007/16/190701/20/1990Blog Post
Athlete Jim Thorpe Dies in Lomita Trailer Park 195305/28/188703/28/1953Blog Post
"The Postman Always Rings Twice" Actress Lana Turner Dies in Century City 199502/08/192106/29/1995Blog Post
"Heathers" Actress Kim Walker Dies at Studio City Home 200106/19/196803/06/2001Blog Post
"King Kong" Author Edgar Wallace Dies in Beverly Hills Home 193204/01/187502/10/1932Blog Post
Actress Mae West Dies at the Ravenswood Apartments 198008/17/189311/22/1980Blog Post
Cult Director Ed Wood Jr. Dies Broke in the Valley 197810/10/192412/10/1978Blog Post