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"Black Dahlia" Elizabeth Short Corpse Found in Leimart Park01/15/1947Blog Post
Ennis William Cosby Murdered in Sepulveda Pass01/16/1997Blog Post
Exhibitor Laurence Austin Murdered at Silent Movie Theater01/17/1997Blog Post
Actor Carl Switzer Killed in Valley01/21/1959Blog Post
Barbara Ann Rooney Killed by Lover in Murder/Suicide01/31/1966Blog Post
Director William Desmond Taylor Unsolved Murder02/01/1922Blog Post
Actress Lana Jean Clarkson Murdered by Phil Spector02/03/2003Blog Post
Actor Nick Adams Found Dead in Canyon Home02/07/1968Blog Post
Actor Sal Mineo Killed in West Hollywood02/12/1976Blog Post
Ned Doheny Jr. Killed by Hugh Plunkett in Murder/Suicide02/16/1929Blog Post
Artist Wallace Berman Killed by Drunk Driver in Topanga Canyon02/18/1976Blog Post
North Hollywood Bank Robbery & Shootout02/28/1997Blog Post
Comic Actor John Belushi Found Overdosed at Chateau Marmont03/05/1982Blog Post
Model Julianna Redding Found Beaten to Death in Santa Monica03/16/2008Blog Post
Serial Killer Richard Ramirez Commits First Two Murders03/17/1985Blog Post
Singer Marvin Gaye Killed by Father04/01/1984Blog Post
Club Mecca Cocktail Lounge Bombed04/04/1957Blog Post
Gangster Johnny Stompanato Killed04/04/1958Blog Post
Newhall Incident - Four CHP Officers Killed04/06/1970Blog Post
Actor Paul Kelly Beat Ray Raymond04/16/1927Blog Post
1992 Riots04/29/1992Blog Post
Los Angeles May Day Melee05/01/2007Blog Post
Bonnie Lee Bakley Murdered Outside Vitello's Restaurant05/04/2001Blog Post
Actor Albert Dekker Found Dead in Shower05/05/1968Blog Post
Outlaw Tiburcio Vasquez Captured in West Hollywood05/13/1874Blog Post
Heiress Patty Hearst Robs Mel's Sporting Goods05/16/1974Blog Post
SLA Shootout05/17/1974Blog Post
Black Widows Olga & Helen Arrested For Murder05/18/2006Blog Post
Comic Actor Phil Hartman Killed in Murder/Suicide by Wife05/28/1998Blog Post
Senator Robert Kennedy Murdered at Ambassador Hotel06/06/1968Blog Post
Madam Heidi Fleiss Arrested Taking Out the Garbage06/09/1993Blog Post
Celebrity Ex-Wife Nicole Simpson Murdered in Brentwood06/12/1994Blog Post
Ronald Goldman Killed While Defending Nicole Simpson06/12/1994Blog Post
"Superman" Actor George Reeves Found Dead06/16/1959Blog Post
O.J. Simpson Car Chase06/17/1994Blog Post
Gangster Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel Murdered in Beverly Hills06/20/1947Blog Post
Mobster Whitey Bulgar Arrested in Santa Monica06/22/2011Blog Post
John Holmes & the Wonderland Murders07/01/1981Blog Post
Actress Gail Russell DUI Crash into Jan's Restaurant07/05/1957Blog Post
Actress Rebecca Schaeffer Killed on Doorstep by Fan07/18/1989Blog Post
Child Actress Judith Eva Barsi and Mother Killed by Father in Double Murder/Suicide07/25/1988Blog Post
Actor Mel Gibson DUI in Malibu07/28/2006
Battle of Santa Monica Bay08/01/1939Blog Post
Manson Family Tate Murders08/09/1969Blog Post
Manson Family LaBianca Murders08/10/1969Blog Post
Traffic Stop Turns into Watts Riots08/11/1965Blog Post
Singers Lennon Sisters' Father Killed08/12/1969Blog Post
Actress & Model Dorothy Stratten Murdered by Husband in Murder/Suicide08/14/1980Blog Post
Joe & Kitty Menendez Killed by Two Sons in Beverly Hills08/20/1989Blog Post
Rapper Snoop Dogg Arrested in Palms08/25/1993Blog Post
Chicano Moratorium Riot08/29/1970
Serial Killer Richard Ramirez Captured in East L.A.08/31/1985Blog Post
Musician & Actor Russ Columbo Accidentally Shot By Friend09/02/1934Blog Post
Producer Paul Bern Suicide or Murdered by Ex-Wife?09/05/1932Blog Post
Actress Virginia Rappe Died Under Mysterious Circumstances in San Francisco09/09/1921Blog Post
L.A. Times Bombing10/01/1910Blog Post
Hollywood Black Friday Riot10/05/1945Blog Post
Socialite & Heiress Georgette Elise Bauerdorf Found Strangled in West Hollywood10/12/1944Blog Post
Actor Ramon Novarro Murdered by Ferguson Brothers10/30/1968Blog Post
Actress Dominique Dunne Murdered by Ex-Boyfriend in West Hollywood11/04/1982Blog Post
Publicist Ronni Sue Chasen Murdered in Beverly Hills11/16/2010Blog Post
Producer Thomas Ince Shot Under Mysterious Circumstances11/19/1924Blog Post
Actress Karen Kupcinet Found Murdered in West Hollywood11/28/1963Blog Post
Maid Found Body Parts at Continental Hotel11/29/2010Blog Post
Agent Ronni Chasen Murder Suspect Suicide12/01/2010Blog Post
Perelson Family Murders12/06/1959Blog Post
Actress Susan Cabot Beat to Death by Son12/10/1986Blog Post
Singer Sam Cooke Killed at Hacienda Motel12/11/1964Blog Post
Actress Thelma Todd Found Dead in Pacific Palisades Garage12/16/1935Blog Post
Child Marion Parker Kidnapped & Murdered by William Edward Hickman12/17/1927Blog Post
Oilar Family Murders12/19/1954Blog Post
Comic Actor Ted Healy Beaten to Death?12/21/1937Blog Post
Gangster's Daughter Susan Berman Found Murdered in Canyon Home12/23/2000Blog Post
Actor Jack Nance Beaten to Death in South Pasadena12/30/1996Blog Post