Accident VictimBirthdayDeathdayBlog Post
Artist Wallace Berman Killed by Drunk Driver in Topanga Canyon 197602/18/192602/18/1976Blog Post
Entertainer & Politician Sonny Bono Skiing Accident 1998 02/16/193501/05/1998Blog Post
Actor Jack Cassidy Burned Alive in West Hollywood 197603/05/192712/12/1976Blog Post
Shooting of Singer/Actor Russ Columbo 1934 Accidental?01/14/190809/02/1934Blog Post
James Dean Car Accident in Cholame 195502/08/193109/30/1955Blog Post
"Kiss Me Deadly" Actor Albert Dekker Found Dead in Shower 1968 Accident, Suicide, Murder?12/20/190505/05/1968Blog Post
Accidental Shooting Death of Jon-Erik Hexum 198411/05/195710/18/1984Blog Post
Actor William Holden Bleeds to Death in Santa Monica 198104/17/191811/12/1981Blog Post
Aviator Howard Hughes Non-Fatal Airplane Crash in Beverly Hills 194607/07/1946Blog Post
Michael Jackson's Non-Fatal Shrine Auditorium Fire Accident 198401/27/1984Blog Post
TV Comedian Ernie Kovacs Car Crash 196201/23/191901/13/1962Blog Post
"My Man Godfrey" Actress Carole Lombard Plane Crash 194210/06/190801/16/1942Blog Post
Actress & Sex Symbol Jayne Mansfield Car Crash 196704/19/193306/29/1967Blog Post
Entertainer and Military Pilot Dean Paul Martin Plane Crash 198711/17/195103/21/1987Blog Post
The Indian Dunes Accidental Death of Actor Vic Morrow 198202/14/192907/23/1982Blog Post
Photographer Helmut Newton Car Crash at Chateau Marmot 200410/31/192001/23/2004Blog Post
Actor Anthony Quinn's Son Drowns in W.C. Field's Pond 194110/27/193803/15/1941Blog Post
"Superman" Actor George Reeves 1959 Accident, Suicide, Murder?01/05/191406/16/1959Blog Post
Musician Randy Rhoads Dies in Plane Crash 198212/06/195603/19/1982Blog Post
Sixties Activist Jerry Rubin Jaywalks Wilshire Blvd. to His Death 199407/14/193811/28/1994Blog Post
Actress Thelma Todd Found Dead in Pacific Palisades Garage 193507/29/190612/16/1935Blog Post
"La Bamba" Musician Ritchie Valens Plane Crash 195905/13/194102/03/1959Blog Post
The Day the Music Died 195902/03/1959Blog Post
Author Nathanael West Car Crash En Route to Fitzgerald Funeral 194010/17/190312/22/1940Blog Post
"Women Haters" Actress Marjorie White Car Accident 193507/22/190408/21/1935Blog Post
Actress Natalie Wood Drowns in Catalina 198107/20/193811/29/1981Blog Post
"Star Trek" Actor Anton Yelchin Car Incident 201603/11/198906/19/2016Blog Post